Fresh tomato risotto

This recipe requires a certain amount of self-control since it won’t work if you’ve finished all your white wine the other night.

Cut oignons in tiny pieces and fry them a little in oil. Add risotto or paella-rice and fry this as well. Then add pressed garlic (or even better: oil in which you’ve pressed garlic before). Stir well for about a minute  or so to avoid the garlic to turn brown and then add a nice shot of the white wine.

Stir until the rice has soaked  up the wine and add cut tomatoes. If it’s hard to find actual tasty tomatoes, for example, if you live in the Netherlands, you might want to add some concentrated tomato as well.

Then add hot bouillon bit by bit and keep stirring until the rice is almost done. Add quite some freshly ground parmesan cheese and parsley, maybe salt, definitely pepper and turn the flame off. Put the lid on and wait until the rice is done.